Program Specifics

The Futures Fellowship is an intense networking and mentoring program for college/graduate students and recent graduates who want to make the most of their personal and professional futures.

Unlike typical mentorship pairings, Futures Fellows have unlimited access to a team of mentors, all with different networks and areas of expertise. Over the course of 9 months, this cohort of mentors will work collaboratively, within a structured framework,  to collectively mentor each of the Futures Fellows.

Futures Fellows benefit from the following:


  • Personal introductions for informational interviews in the Fellow’s area of interest
  • One-on-one coaching sessions for the internship/job and informational interviews
  • One-on-one coaching sessions on how to network
  • A $2,000 stipend for the 9-month commitment
  • Access to the Clifton Strengths Assessment, designed specifically for college students, which will help Fellows to identify, develop and apply their unique strengths
  • Six group sessions covering topics chosen by the cohort of Futures Fellows

Program Specifics

  • The Fellowship will launch with a full-day retreat. Prior to the retreat all participants will take the Clifton Strengths Assessment, an assessment that helps college/graduate students understand and leverage their natural strengths. The retreat will focus on exploring the results of this assessment and building rapport amongst the Fellows and mentors.
  • After the retreat, the full group (both Fellows and mentors) will meet 5 more times over the course of 9 months, for 2-hour sessions specifically designed to maximize relationship building and cohort-based learning. Fellows will be responsible for collectively choosing session topics.
  • In between sessions, mentors and Fellows will be in continual contact to discuss issues of concern for the Fellows. Fellows will also be randomly assigned with another Fellow and charged with the meeting (virtually or in-person) before the next session.
  • Because the program will require a significant time commitment (making it harder for mentees to work during the school year), Fellows will be provided a stipend of $2000 to participate in the program.
  • While a collaborative service project is not officially part of the program, up to $500 will be provided for Fellows who are looking to plan a project or event for their community.
  • Even after the program ends, mentors intend to maintain connections with participating Fellows and will use time in one of the cohort’s last sessions to discuss how to continue to engage.